Tuna Garing
Deep frying tuna fish breaded with bread cram
Served with Greek salad, potatoes wedges and tartar sauce

Brochettes with feta cheese
Grilled of Sukini, Egg Plan, fresh tomatoes
 Served with roasted French bugged, olive oil

 Indian spice samosa
Mixed cook of vegetables, flavored with Indian curry
Rolled with pastry sheet and served with sweet chili sauce

Lumpia layar
Sauteed of julienne Vegetable, Chicken, rolled with pastry sheet
And free served with prawn tempura, sweet sour sauce

 Crostini Prosciutto
With toasted garlic French bugged, mozzarella cheese,
Ham and free served with salads

Garlic Breads
Roasted Fresh French Bugged, garlic butter, parsley

Tuna Tartar
Grilled fresh stuffed Tuna mixed with tartar Sauce,
And served with Tomatoes, basil sauce


Fresh Tuna Nicuas
Grilled fresh seeded tuna served with Nicuas salad,
 Vinaigrette dressing and feta cheese bread

 King of Caesar salad
 Combines’ with lettuce, grilled chicken, bacon
And free served with crusty bread, lime cheese cream dressing

 The Ocean Salad
Grilled of Seafood “Prawn, Tuna, Squid “
Served with mixed garden salad, shallot balsamic dressing

Guacamole Prawn salad
Grilled Prawn combines with avocado, tomatoes, cucumber
 Served with lime cream dressing and garlic bread


Clear of Seafood Soup
Aromatic “prawn, tuna, Squid” in chicken broth,
Vegetables diced and lemon grass to taste

Doubles Prawn Bisque
Creamy of prawn soup served with garlic bread and oregano to taste

 Meat Ball Noodles soup
Clear of chicken noodles soup
 With aromatic Balinese herb and lemon grass to taste

  Labu kuning prawn soup
Creamy of pumpkin and prawn, served with garlic bread

Tropical Seafood coconut soup
Aromatic prawn, tuna, squid in Fresh coconut cream
Served with roasted Bread, fresh herb

Aromatic Western Oxtail soup
Combines with fresh tomatoes, green been, paprika, oregano

Indonesian favored
Nasi Goreng special L.Good
Seafood Fried Rice with julienne vegetables, pickles, fried egg, Crackers

Bakmi Goreng
Prawn and Chicken Fried Noodles with mixed vegetables, fried egg, crackers

Seafood Curry
Grilled of fresh Prawn, tuna, Squid with Balinese Red Curry,
 Coconut Cream Sauce and served with Vegetables and plain rice

Ayam Bakar wijen
Grilled of Chicken breast poppy sheet, ginger soya sauce
 And served with steam rice, mixed vegetables

Tuna sambal sree             
Marinated Grilled fresh tuna steak with Balinese spice
And served with rice, mixed vegetables Kaffir Lime to taste

Semur Daging
Stew of Beef fillet with assorted mushroom, fresh basil
, dipping soya and served with rice, vegetables  

Cumi Lada Hitam
Marinated Grilled Calamari with black pepper soya sauce
 Served with rice and Sautéed vegetables    

Plate Resistant

Fresh Tuna Steak
Grilled Tuna Fillet marinated with basil Mayo and served with
Boiled potatoes, sautéed vegetables and free served with Fresh salsa

Grilled Fresh Fillet of Snapper
  With mango Balsamic and served with Pan Fried potatoes and sauteed vegetables

Seafood “ala L’GooD
Grilled of Prawn, Tuna, Calamari with Kaffir lime and served with Vegetables Paella

  BBQ Chicken steak
Marinated of Chicken breast with red curry sauce served with
 Potatoes wedges sautéed vegetables free served with capsicums salsa

Caramelized Thai Chicken Basil
Grilled of Chicken breast Combines with onion, basil,
Mushrooms free served with dipping soy sauce and rice 

The Belawa L.Good
BBQ of Beef Loin Steak and Chicken breast served with
 Pan Fried potatoes, sauteed vegetables lemon grass to taste  

Black Pepper Beef Fillet Steak
Served with potatoes waffle, sautéed vegetables and shallot burgundy sauce

Beef and Chicken cheese burger
Choice of Delicious Beef or Chicken cheese Burger with salad,
 Cocktail sauce and served with French fries

Engle Sandwiches
Grilled of Chicken steak served with salads,
French baguette and Potatoes wedges 

Beef Fillet Steak Sandwiches
Served with French Baguettes, egg plain salad and chip potatoes

Turf and surfer Steak sandwiches
Grilled of Tuna, beef Fillet served with Tomato,
Cucumber brunettes and chip potatoes

L.Good Steak Sandwiches
Triples toast breads with bacon, ham, fried egg
And served with salads and chip potatoes

Pasta and Pizza

Prawn and lemon cream pasta
With handful Italian leaf, capsicum and garlic, parmesan cheese

Spaghetti chili tuna dimare
Served with Fresh Tomato basil sauce, Tuna parmesan cheese

Fettuccini in black pepper meat sauce
With minced of beef “bolognaise” Fresh tomato sauce parmesan cheese

Penne with basil cream sauce
Combines with mushrooms, cauliflower and parmesan cheese

Romeo meat Lover Pizza
Beef Fillet, Chicken, Sausage and fresh tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese

 Aromatic L.Good Pizza
Black pepper chicken teriyaki combines with ham, mushrooms,
Fresh tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese

Seafood Marinara Pizza
  With Prawn, tuna, Calamari, tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese


Apple and Banana Cinnamon
Pan Fried Butter milk apple, banana served with cinnamon caramel

Spiced ginger chocolate soufflés

Cheese cake with strawberry sauce

Pisang goreng
Batter milk fried banana served with fruit salsa and caramel sauce